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Welcome to Memories Memoir, where you will find answers to all your video & photography needs. My name is Jc and I've been in the photography and video business for few years now. I started photogrpahy in 5th grade and I'm now 27. In todays world most photo cameras are also video cameras. That has opened doors and has allowed me to dabble in both professions.

After High school I joined the Army and enjoyed that career path for 8 years and I was already attending online college before I left. I then moved on to finish a 4 year degree at DeVry University in Multimedia. I've enjoyed freelance work in both photography and videography since then.

I've been in the Portland area for about 4 years now and I can honestly say I love it here! I have a little 4 year old son and have been re-taught a lesson in patience. I've become a family man and would not have it any other way. I absolutely love what I do and see my little one following in my foot steps.